I've not been satisfied with parts of my life for a long time.  My career, for example, is just one major area that's no longer fulfilling me.  I've even began searching for new jobs but they all just seem so freakin' blahhhhh.  Executive assistant, kill me now.  Administrator, I'd rather eat sandpaper.  Sales, no way Jose.  I've even considered going back to school for some uninspired new skill but I draw a blank every time I try to think of what I'd like to study.   It's been a real mystery I tell ya.

Finally, I have discovered some new clues.  Firstly I've been asking the wrong question to myself for the past 3 years: What do I want?  But all along the more important questions are much deeper than my little measly basic human wants.  I need exciting, new questions that probe my higher consciousness in order to inspire creativity and generate a more fulfilling answer.

For the past week or so I've been asking questions like: What is my purpose?  What am I good at?  What should I be doing?  How can I help the world?  What gifts do I have to offer?  How can I be of service? These are the questions that have been seeming to really get me worked up and ignite the fire in my belly.

Next I've been asking for help.  I've been talking to friends and asking their ideas.  I've even been praying.  In fact for the past few days I've been submitting myself before God, the universe, my guides, angels--whatever you want to call the higher power that is by asking, "What should I do?!" I've asked almost daily.  Then on my way home from the gym today I decided to ask for an undeniable answer from God itself.

"Please tell me what I should do.  I really need some guidance.  And can you make it in big and glaring letters so I know that it's a sign and not just some weird coincidence?  I don't want to miss it."

No sooner than those words had left my lips did a woman walk around the corner with a t-shirt that read "QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!!!" in bold, red letters that were framed by rainbows and stars.  Ask and you shall receive.  Has it really been this simple all along?!!!