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The Death of American Values...?

Despite our divided political leanings, the majority of Americans share the same basic values and ideals. We all want to be able to work and be compensated fairly. We all want a work and life balance because spending time with our families and friends is not only desirable but necessary. We want to be able to go to the doctor for checkups and care so that we can remain healthy in body and mind without going bankrupt. We want our children to be able to get the education necessary to make them competitive and independent in the job market of tomorrow.

The only difference between the liberal and conservative-minded among us is the road in which we reach these ideals. Conservative individuals think that less government oversight and the free market will grant us access to these ideals while liberal individuals have a general distrust of the free market and believe that government oversight is necessary.

While both viewpoints are valid, looking closer one can see that the free market …

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